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Recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones)

Unit 2. A three page worksheet involving the recognitions of place value and the importance of  aligning numbers from the right hand (units) datum. Price £1

Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line

Unit 3. A three page worksheet involving representing size on number lines e.g. on the number line shade in the numbers larger than 7 but smaller than 10. Price £1

Compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100; use <, > and = signs

Unit 4. A four page worksheet giving pupils the opportunity to use the equals and inequality signs to compare the relative size of numbers. Price £1

Read and write numbers to at least 100 in numerals and in words

Unit 5. A three page worksheet requiring pupils to write numbers in words and figures. Price £1

Use place value and number facts to solve problems

Unit 6. A one 2 page worksheet that contains some challenging work on problem solving. Price £1

Year 2 Resources

All our Year 2 resources are priced at £1 per unit and each unit provides material for the NC requirement specified. For obvious reasons, it is not possible to preview a unit before purchasing but it is similar to the free Year 1 material. We do believe, however, that all our material offers excellent value for money.

Count in steps of 2, 3, and 5 from 0, and in tens from any number, forward and backward

Resource: Unit 1. A five page worksheet offering pupils the opportunity to count on in increments of 2, 5 from zero and increments of 10 from any number. Price £1

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