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Due to the changes in the National Curriculum, the site is undergoing a major overhaul. At present, everything on the site is free, so please help yourself to any material which will help support your education.

Kind regards to all

David Smith (Creator of Brain-Cells and its resources)

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KS3 Material

A set of presentations and worksheets may be viewed by clicking on the title or <Click Here>

Times Tables

Learning the times tables helps to bring success in maths. To obtain a fun way to help <Click Here>

 Year 1 Topics Check Book

A book which helps children to identify the the Year 1 topics. To obtain a copy, click on the title.

Revision Booklets and Tests

To view a set of short revision booklets and question papers on various topics, click on the above title.


GCSE Presentations

A set of presentations covering GCSE topics may viewed by clicking on the title or by <Clicking Here>

Year 1 Resources

Teaching and learning material covering all the required topics in Year. Free resources <Click here or on the title to view>

Tarsia Jigsaw Puzzles

Tarsia puzzles are often useful. To view and obtain our collection of puzzles <Click Here>


Key Stage 1 & 2 Mock SAT Tests

These are available for free educational use only andcopies may be obtained by clicking on the required paper’s icon below.

Year 2 Resources

A set of resources covering the topics specified by the National Curriculum for pupils during Year 2.

GCSE Quizzes

Learn and have fun with our set of GCSE quizzes. To view <Click Here> or on the above title.

GCSE Revision Presentations

A set of 56 presentations for GCSE revision may be viewed by <Clicking Here>