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Welcome to Brain-Cells

Due to the changes in the National Curriculum, the site is undergoing a major overhaul. The changes can be best seen in our new KS3 section which offers lots of quality free resources.

For KS4, we have retained the the GCSE revision material, quizzes and tests and if you are dealing with KS2, there are new style mock SAT papers with worked answers and free times tables quizzes. For KS1, there are free resources for all the topics covered in Year 1 and new style mock SAT papers and a Year 1 Topic Check Book.

Thanking you for your interest and hoping that you enjoy the site and find something that will help support your education.

Kind regards to all

David Smith (Creator of Brain-Cells and its resources)

Schools that Purchased our Resources

“Our students have found these presentations very accessible and clear to follow.  They are an excellent resource on our VLE, allowing students to reinforce their learning independently, or a quick “go to” to refresh a topic. They are clearly labelled and grouped sensibly so that they are easily accessed. Thanks again!”  

Richard Willoughby 

Head of Mathematics, Bristol Cathedral Choir School

“We initially bought these high quality resources to assist NQT’s with their planning. Other staff soon realised their worth and adopted the resources themselves!” 

Dave McEntee Vice Principal

The Hathershaw College, Oldham

New Key Stage 1 & 2 Mock SAT Tests

Going through past questions is often a really useful exercise. These are available via the relevant following title: KS1 SAT and/or KS2 SAT. We hope these are useful.

Terms and Conditions

To the best of the producer's knowledge, the academic contents of these resources are accurate but errors and omissions may be present and Brain-Cells: E.Resources Ltd cannot be held responsible for these or any lack of success experienced by individuals or groups or other parties using this material. The resources are intended as a support material and are not a comprehensive pedagogy of all the  requirements of the respective syllabus. The copyright proprietor has licensed the resources for the purchaser’s sole use as a teaching and learning aid and forbids copying or reproduction in part or whole or distribution to other parties or its use by parties other than the purchaser of the resource in any school or college that has not purchased the resource without the written permission of Brain-Cells: E.Resources Ltd

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Free KS3 Material

Now, our presentations may be freely viewed and used in PDF format which gives an idea of the PowerPoint presentation’s content. But please remember that the PowerPoint presentations are animated. The PDF versions will, however, be useful for many students and allow purchasers to gain a general idea of a presentation before purchasing. All the PowerPoint presentations offer real value for money at a price of £1 per presentation. <Click here or on title to view>

Key Stage 1 SAT Practice Papers

We hope that our practice papers will help teachers and pupils with these tests. Click title to view.

GCSE Revision Quizzes

To view a set of quizzes to help you with your revision. Click on the title to view.

 Year 1 Topics Check Book

We hope that this book will help children, parents and teachers to identify pupils’ understanding and competence with the topics specified for Year 1. It provides a way in which parents can work together with their children. To obtain your free copy, click on the title.

Test/Homework Papers

To view a question papers on various topics that can be used for test or homework click on the above title.


Tarsia Jigsaw Puzzles

Tarsia puzzles are often useful in helping learners to make progress. To view and obtain our collection of puzzles <Click Here>


GCSE Material

These can be viewed in PDF format and each presentation costs £1 each in PowerPoint format.

Free Year 1 Resources

Teaching and learning material covering all the required topics in Year. Free resources <Click here or on the title to view>

Year 2 Resources

A set of resources covering the topics specified by the National Curriculum during Year 2. <Click here or  on the title to view>